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Applications must include:

  • A complete online application form

  • Good-quality video performance of two contrasting works uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo

  • For financial aid, a supporting statement and/or documents

  • For merit aid, a third video upload

  • For rising college sophomore and above students wishing to be apply for the supplemental Orchestral Institute, a short statement explaining why you would like to be a part of this program

  • Application fee: $45 before 3/1, $60 from 3/1 to 4/15

The application process will also include a short Zoom interview to ensure that our program is the best fit for you. We will contact all applicants in the coming months to schedule the interview.


Applications for 2023 are closed.

Please stay tuned for information regarding FSMA 2024!





Tuition for FSMA 2023 students staying on-campus is $5,500 for double-occupancy rooms with Jack-and-Jill bathroom, $6,250 for single-occupancy room with Jack-and-Jill bathroom. This includes all program instruction as well as room and board.




Tuition for FSMA 2023 students staying off-campus is $4,000. This includes all program instruction.

Note: this option is designed for students who live within a reliable 40 minutes of campus. Commuting students are responsible for their own transportation to and from campus, as well as to and from any off-campus activities that are scheduled. Please contact us at with any questions about your specific situation.

Orchestral Institute



For rising college sophomores and above who apply for and are selected to participate in the supplemental Orchestra Institute, which takes place two evenings per week, there will be an additional tuition cost of $1,000.




Through generous donations to the Fulton Music Society, we are able to offer both financial aid and merit scholarship. Please see the application form for how to apply for both.

2023 COVID Safety Information


The safety of our students and faculty has been our highest priority during the planning of our summer academy each summer. In past summers, we have implemented robust safety policies, which have included the following:

  • Single-occupancy rooms for students who would prefer to live alone

  • Commuting option for students who would prefer to live at home

  • Online-only option for students who would prefer to be fully online

  • COVID vaccinations and boosters required for all in-person students and faculty who are eligible*

  • High-quality masks required at all times, except when presenting

  • Social distancing whenever possible

  • Regular COVID testing 

We will be closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic as Summer 2023 approaches and may adjust our safety protocols accordingly.

*Medical and religious exemptions to the vaccine and booster requirement were needed to be approved Fulton. Please submit a doctor's note with your application or to We will keep the contents of the doctor's note confidential and only share it with our Board for purposes of review.



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